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What is Track Pack Paint Protection Film?

Track Pack PPF is a Paint Protection Film system designed to protect the paintwork on the most vulnerable / high impact areas of your vehicle.

Track Pack PPF CoverageTrack Pack PPF Fitment coverage includes:

Front Bumper
Full Bonnet
Mirror Caps
Extended Side Skirts
Rear Bumper Splash Guards

Installing Track Pack PPF

Our sophisticated computer programmes use the latest software and templating database to pre cut each piece of Paint Protection Film to exactly fit the model of your car.  This negates the need for the use of knives when installing the film which is a common issue we see with lower market installations.

Installing clear pre-cut paint protection film is an intricate job and our trained technicians have a wealth of experience to ensure maximum coverage.

installing ppf ferrari 458PPF Protects Your Car Paint From

Stone Chips
Loose Gravel
Tar Marks
Bird Droppings
Swirl Marks
Tree Sap
Insect Splatter

About Llumar PPF

LLumar PPF is a self healing protective film made up of multiple layers. When minor scratches and stone chips happen, these layers expand to fill them in when mild heat is applied such as sunlight or engine heat.

We offer two levels of protection, so you can choose the level of defence that fits your needs: Paint Protection Film for lasting durability and Platinum Paint Protection Film, for advanced armour. Read More

How Much Does Track Pack PPF Cost?

The price of our Track Pack PPF system is dependant on the specific model of your car. Paint protection film coverage differs across model shapes and sizes.

If you are interested in protecting your paintwork, contact one of our team on 01483 917319 or complete the contact form below.