The Best Windscreen Protection
You’ll Never See…

ClearPlex™ is the first and only optically-clear protection film for windscreens. This revolutionary patented film is multi-layered and hand-coated to ensure optimum strength and durability, for ultra-effective results on the road. ClearPlex™ is thermally fitted to windscreens, forming an invisible bond with the glass and absorbing the impact of standard road hazards, leaving glass in pristine condition, and passengers safe.

Used and approved by NASA, the only approved screen protection for the International Space Station.

Clearplex windscreen protection

ClearPlex™ is ultra-tough and multi-layered, with a hand-coated finish for increased effectiveness. Thermally fitted to every curve of the windscreen, ClearPlex™ forms a bond with the glass, and like glass, it is scratch-resistant and stands up to everyday abrasions such as windshield wipers.

ClearPlex™ is guaranteed not to peel, bubble, crack or yellow, providing invisible protection you can really trust.

The windscreen is responsible for about 20% of a vehicle’s structural integrity. An intact windscreen can prevent a vehicle roof from collapsing in an overturn, and it can help to keep passengers inside the vehicle. ClearPlex™ film can help to preserve a windscreen in an accident, thereby protecting the vehicle occupants, as well as the vehicle itself.

ClearPlex™ film features UV stabilisers which help reduce the heat in your vehicle and prolong the life of the interior. The vehicle and occupants are protected against 99.9% of both UVA and UVB harmful rays and glare is reduced, making driving an all-round more comfortable experience.

The original factory-fitted windscreen is by far superior to replacements. Statistics show repairing or replacing your windscreen can leave it weakened and vulnerable to further safety issues; research has shown repaired windscreens are around 30% weaker, and approximately 35% of replaced windscreens suffer future quality or safety issues – about 14% of which were judged by the Transport Laboratory to be potentially serious.

Installing ClearPlex™ can take less than a few hours by our certified installers, making your decision clear – use ClearPlex™ film on your vehicle now for the protection of lives and property, and to reduce costs and enhance vehicle operation. Contact Reep today for your quotation.

    Why choose ClearPlex™?

    The key benefits of fitting Clearplex to your vehicle are:

    Impact and scratch resistant

    Reduce heat and UV glare

    Environmentally friendly


    Safety and protection